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It takes a family to create one!

When my husband and I decided to start trying for a baby…had no idea of the journey needed to get to our baby girl. I choose to call the whole process ‘a journey’ not because it sounds better but because in our case it was a long process, full of pleasant and unpleasant surprises, loads of tests, two ivf cycles and five consecutive hysteroscopies between them.

It is hard on the couple, physically harder for the woman herself, you come to doubt your decisions sometimes and you learn all the time…new medical terms and treatment protocols. From my personal experience one thing that made ‘the journey’ easier was our medical team at ‘Eygonia ivf Unit’! We trusted the team right from the beginning. Not only because they are attentive, happy to explain everything and accessible. We were pleased, we found a team with such medical expertise, knowledge and focus on what they are doing, practicing according to international standards and following guidelines. Although the unit and staff are very busy, we never felt rushed. At any given stage doctors and nursing staff did what they were supposed to do and where possible we were part of the decision making process.

It makes a huge difference when you can trust your medical team. The first leg of our journey completed on the 11th November 2017 when we found out I was pregnant! I still remember the initial phone call  from the nurse and the next ones from the doctor himself! Their voice was smiling! And I of course was crying tears of relief and joy…

The same medical team closely monitored my pregnancy every two weeks to make sure baby was growing well. Along the way we had all the necessary exams and thoroughly discussed and actioned on findings.

Although it wasn’t easy to conceive, I honestly don’t remember a thing of the stress and the pain now. I was very happy pregnant and I would do it again tomorrow!

Our baby girl arrived on the 10th July 2018. It is a little miracle! I often say this baby is made of a lot of love, care and science! Our medical team became our family and we will forever thank them for that!

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