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Other diagnostic tests

Endometrial biopsy

In the past, this was a routine, but nowadays its usefulness has been questioned.

Samples can be collected by different ways and on different days of the cycle, depending on the findings (eg following hysteroscopy) and the phase of the cycle that must be checked. The aim is to histologically determine the phase of the cycle, especially the luteal phase, when anomalies in its progression are suspected (e.g. luteal phase deficiency).

In rare cases, the biopsy shortly after ovulation allows the examination of specific formations of the endometrial cells (pinopodes) using  electron microscopy, that are considered to be related to embryo implantation. This test is still considered experimental and is generally not recommended in everyday clinical practice.


Thermometric diagram

It was widely applied in the past to predict ovulation. It has now been replaced with ultrasound and hormonal testing


Cervical mucus assessment

It is an old diagnostic method of ovulation.



It is an endoscopic method of assessing the epithelium and tubal lumen. The development of IVF overturned the possibility of its development and wider application.

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