Other protocols

These protocols are rarely used and only in special cases. In these protocols, which are usually used in women with particularly poor response to ovarian stimulation, the GnRH agonists are not used and there is a risk of a premature LH surge. In such instances, a GnRH antagonist may also be used. The start date and the dosage of the drugs administered are set by the doctors of our Unit.

Ultra short protocol

The difference of this protocol when compared to the usual short protocol is in the very short duration of the GnRH analogue administration (about three days). In this way, only the stimulatory action of the analogue on the pituitary (which results in an increase in endogenous FSH) is used and not its suppression effect.

Clomiphen-gonadotropin protocol

In the clomiphene-gonadotropin protocols, clomiphene citrate is usually administered from the 2nd to the 6th day of the cycle, and then the gonadotropin administration follows


In the MAP protocol a contraceptive pill is used in the previous menstrual cycle. The GnRH agonist administration starts on the 2nd day of the cycle in microdoses. The administration of gonadotropins starts on the 3rd day of the cycle.

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