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- A couple is described as “infertile” when systematically attempting to conceive for over a year without success, while being at reproductive age.

- IVF is safe and efficient solution,  that has given the joy of parenthood to thousands of infertile couples.

- IVF is the fertilization outside the body (fertilization in the glass as the term describes). Therefore, the interaction of eggs and sperm and subsequent fertilization are achieved in the laboratory instead of taking place naturally in the fallopian tubes. This is a deviation which overcomes certain barriers that prevent fertilization from occurring naturally within the body. However, in most cases, the eggs are the woman’s and the sperm are the man’s, so the resulting embryos are genetically theirs.

- Fertilization takes place in the embryology laboratory by clinical embryologists and the embryos are transferred back to the uterus by a specialized gynecologist. If pregnancy occurs, its course is identical as after natural conception, and the children born are similarly healthy.

- The use of ICSI (intracytoplasmic sperm injection) gives a solution to nearly all cases of male infertility.

Thanks to ICSI, men with severe problems in sperm numbers and motility can become fathers, while in the past they had no hope of fatherhood. All that is required is a few motile spermatozoa for the fertilization of an equal number of eggs.

- Laser laparoscopic and   hysteroscopic surgery is the method of choice for infertility-related conditions, but is also a modern safe and effective method to treat the majority of benign gynecological conditions.

- The rapid developments that occur daily in the physiology of reproduction, embryology, reproductive endocrinology, laparoscopic and   hysteroscopic surgery offer new means to treat infertility. At the same time, the evolution of technological equipment and the groundbreaking progress in their application have lead to a dramatic increase of pregnancy rates worldwide in state-of-the-art IVF Units.

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