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Hysteroscopic surgery

It is a modern, safe and fast method of surgically treating benign pathological conditions of the uterus, related to infertility. Some cases in which hysteroscopy is applied are: the lysis of endometrial and cervical adhesions, the removal of polyps and submucosal fibroids and the resection of the uterine septum.

Pregnancy rates are significantly higher following hysteroscopic correction of pathological conditions of the uterine cavity.

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Laparoscopic surgery

Nowadays most of the gynecological conditions can be treated with laparoscopy. Indeed, in some cases (endometriosis, adhesions, hydrosalpinges) the use of laser offers better results than the traditional methods.

The technique can be applied in the entire range of gynecological surgical operations:

  • Fallopian tube plastic surgery, fallopian tube opening. The use of CO2 laser achieves lysis of adhesions in salpinges-ovaries-uterus
  • Removal of ovarian or paraovarian cysts
  • Removal of uterine fibroids
  • Treatment of peritoneal and ovarian endometriosis

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