Management of OHSS

Our team has designed and applies a novel approach for the management of established severe OHSS. Using this method we safely and effectively achieved the regression of the syndrome, on an outpatient basis, and completely avoided the need for hospitalization in all patients. Using this method, all high risk women can safely proceed at least to oocyte retrieval, avoiding a cycle cancellation.

Until today, the only safe way to prevent OHSS was withholding hCG and cycle cancellation in high risk women, which were associated with physical, psychological and financial burden. Our novel method challenges this dogma of cycle cancellation. Our study has been described as novel and pioneering by the international scientific community.

In addition, using this method we achieved the first live births of healthy babies worldwide following blastocyst transfer in women with established severe OHSS.

Our new approach is described in 3 publications in the journal Reproductive Biomedicine Online.

Live births after management of severe OHSS by GnRH antagonist administration in the luteal phase. TG Lainas, IA Sfontouris, IZ Zorzovilis, GK Petsas, GT Lainas, E Alexopoulou, EM Kolibianakis
RBMOnline - Vol 19 No 6. 2009 789-795
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Management of severe OHSS using GnRH antagonist and blastocyst cryopreservation in PCOS patients treated with long protocol. TG Lainas, IA Sfontouris, IZ Zorzovilis, GK Petsas, GT Lainas, GS Iliadis, EM Kolibianakis.
RBMOnline - Vol 18 No 1. 2009 15-20
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Managment of severe early ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome by re-initiation of GnRH antagonist. TG Lainas, IA Sfontouris, IZ Zorzovilis, GK Petsas, GT Lainas, EM
RBMOnline - Vol 15. No 4. 2007 408-412
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