The new drug Corifollitropin-a

Corifolitropin –a (single injection)

Corifollitropin-a (Elonva) is a new recombinant gonadotrophin (FSH) designed for ovarian stimulation.

The drugs used in ovarian stimulation are of vital importance for the development of multiple follicles and oocytes, aiming at increasing pregnancy rates. The protocols of ovarian stimulation currently used, include daily gonadotrophin injections, combined with GnRH agonist or antagonist, depending on the protocol. Daily injections cause a physical burden in women undergoing IVF treatment.

Elonva is administrated once as a single injection at the beginning of the follicular phase and can sustain multiple follicle development for up to 7 days. From Day 5 of stimulation we start administration of GnRH antagonist to prevent a premature LH surge.

Two large clinical trials have evaluated positively the effectiveness and safety of corifollitropin-a. These studies showed that following a single injection of corifollitropin-a, ongoing pregnancy rates, the number of oocytes retrieved, and side-effects were similar to traditional protocols (i.e. using daily injections). Therefore, a single injection of corifollitropin-a is more patient-friendly and can substitute the unwanted daily injections for 7 days.

Corifollitropin-a is mainly used in a GnRH antagonist protocol. Therefore, knowledge and experience on the use of this protocol is a prerequisite for the administration of corifollitropin-a.

The scientific team of Eugonia has extensive knowledge and experience, as well as a series of published papers on the use of GnRH antagonist protocols. We now participate in an international study to evaluate corifollitropin-a. The first results are encouraging and a significant amount of experience has been accumulated.

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