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Hypergonadotropic Hypogonadism

It usually involves a non-regular menstrual cycle, combined with high levels of gonadotrophins and normal prolactin levels. These signs usually point towards ovarian failure combined with elevated FSH (> 20 mIU/ml) and low oestradiol. When this is occurs in women under 30 years of age it is called premature ovarian failure

  • Premature ovarian failure occurs in 1% of all cases of infertility an in 10% of women with amenorrhea.
  • Poor responders are women whose follicles do not develop despite being treated with gonadotrophins.Around 2/5 women with premature ovarian failure are also poor responders.
  • Primary gonadal dysgenesis is a rare condition in which follicles are not formed during the childs embryonic development. The absence of follicles can only be treated via egg donation.
  • Empty follicle syndrome is a rare condition, which is diagnosed via IVF when two or more cycles fail to gain any oocytes from the egg collection despite the presence of seemingly mature follicles.
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