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Paraplegic man conceives twins

Miracles do actually happen! After many years of disappointment and desperation, a paralysed man has fathered twin boys with the help of Dr Tryfon Lianas and his team at Eugonia Assisted Reproduction Unit in Athens, Greece.

John, was very young when an accident happened that changed his whole life. From that day on he was forced to spend the rest of his life in a wheelchair.  As the years passed, he was haunted by worries that he’d lost the chance to be a father.

“It had me thinking”, said John. “What about having children? I and Agapi, my wife, asked the doctors what our chances were of creating our own family. They told us that there were some new developments in the field of Reproductive Medicine. More specifically, they talked about a pioneering new fertility treatment for men who had had spinal cord injuries and wondered whether this might be right for us”.

It is a fact that patients with neurologic disorders who want to start a family face a number of challenges, including hormonal imbalances, ejaculatory dysfunction, and poor semen quality.  In John’s case, the problem was overcome with a device that triggers ejaculation with a low-voltage impulse of electricity.

“We trusted Dr Lainas and his team from the very first time we met them. His skills, his experience and his sensitivity to our problem gained our trust and we knew that we were in good hands”, John confides.

After electro-ejaculation and intracytoplasmic sperm injection, Agapi’s oocytes were fertilised, the resulting embryos were cultured and the most suitable were transferred. Nine months later two healthy boys were born.

“When Agapi told me she was pregnant I was overwhelmed with delight.  I felt like I was flying. Now we have our handsome boys in our arms and I can’t believe it”, John said. His wife Agapi continued, “I love my husband and I will be always by his side.  At first, he was disappointed by his situation. We went to the doctor and the miracle happened.  Now the house is full of happiness and children’s voices. Thanks to Dr Lainas and his team we made our dream come true”.

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