Before and after the embryo transfer

Before your embryo transfer, the only kind of preparation required is to drink 4 glasses of water without urinating before arriving at the Unit.

You should refrain from using perfume as it may be toxic to the embryos. Remember to bring your Utrogestan pills with you. You can eat normally.

After embryo transfer you must rest in your room for about an hour.

Along with your instructions for medication (usually pills or progesterone cream), you will also be given a picture of the embryos transferred to your uterus. Usually the first pregnancy test is 13 days later (blood sampling for determination of β-chorionic gonadotropin levels).

Implantation of the embryos into the endometrium occurs 4-5 days after day 2-3 embryo transfers and 1-2 days after blastocyst (day 5-6) embryo transfers. Therefore, during these first days after embryo transfer, it is good to avoid physical fatigue, mental tension and sexual intercourse. Missing work is not necessary, provided it is not too tiring. Your eating habits can remain the same.

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