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Innovative treatment of severe OHSS at Eugonia - another healthy baby has arrived!

Adrianna and her husband Nicolas are overjoyed to welcome their new family member following innovative treatment for severe ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome (OHSS) at Eugonia Assisted Reproduction Unit in Athens, Greece.

A year ago, Adrianna and her husband Nicolas had their initial consultation for IVF treatment at Eugonia. “Ι had polycystic ovaries and had already had 2 previous unsuccessful IVF attempts at another clinic, where I had developed severe ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome (severe OHSS). As a result, embryo transfer was cancelled and my embryos had been cryopreserved both times. Furthermore I was admitted to the hospital for several days until my symptoms improved. Unfortunately I never got pregnant with the subsequent transfer of my frozen embryos”.

The couple started IVF treatment at Eugonia. Despite the low hormone dosage used and the daily close monitoring with scans and blood tests, Adrianna developed severe OHSS again, 5 days after her oocyte retrieval. However, the couple was insistent on a fresh embryo transfer this time despite the presence of severe OHSS, since in her previous 2 attempts she had failed to become pregnant following the cryopreservation approach.

OHSS is the most serious complication of assisted reproduction and until recently there was no treatment for the severe form of OHSS, which usually requires hospitalisation.

The risk of OHSS is higher in particular in women with polycystic ovaries. When severe OHSS has developed, embryo transfer is typically cancelled and all resulting embryos are cryopreserved for transfer in a subsequent cycle.

The medical team at Eugonia IVF, in collaboration with Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, has designed and applied the innovative treatment of severe OHSS using low-dose GnRH antagonist administration. This approach has been recognized by the international scientific community as tertiary management of severe OHSS. This novel treatment, the only treatment presently available, leads to a rapid decline of severe OHSS on an outpatient basis without the need for hospitalisation.

Following a detailed consultation as a couple with their consultant Dr Tryfon Lainas, PhD, University of Athens, Reproductive Gynaecologist and Clinical Director of Eugonia IVF Unit, Adrianna had 1 blastocyst transferred, and at the same time started daily injections of GnRH antagonist, based on the Clinic’s previously published protocol. The symptoms of severe OHSS improved within only 2 days, while Adrianna was resting in the comfort of her home without being hospitalised.

“A few days after my embryo transfer, they informed me that my test came out positive and I was pregnant. And today we are even happier as our new family member has arrived after a totally normal and uncomplicated pregnancy”!

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