Facts & Fiction for In Vitro Fertilization

All assisted reproduction units are the same

Not all doctors, embryologist and nurses that work for an assisted conception unit are the same. There are differences. The knowledge and experience cannot be taken for granted and they can only be gained with continuous professional development and of course they reflect the pregnancy rates of each Unit. At Eugonia, we are proud of our international recognition as a result of our pregnancy rates which compete with the best pregnancy rates internationally and of our continuous presence in the scientific advances internationally with our pioneer research work.

The application of the most recent developments in assisted reproduction is certain
Assisted reproduction treatment is the same for all women
An assisted reproduction unit with published research work has higher pregnancy rates
Assisted reproduction offers the chance of having a child to women of all ages
Women are the ones mainly responsible for infertility issues
Children born through assisted reproduction treatments are equally normal to the ones born through natural conception
Pregnancies after assisted reproduction are high risk
Frozen embryos from natural cycles give higher pregnancy rates
The more oocytes I have, the higher is my chance of getting pregnant
Women with polycystic ovaries do not have many chances of getting pregnant
In order to get pregnant you need more than one assisted reproduction treatment cycles
I can preserve my fertility by freezing oocytes
Is there a connection between fertility drugs and cancer?
Is it necessary to undergo a hysteroscopy prior to assisted reproduction treatment?
Should the start or not of an assisted reproduction treatment cycle be based on the FSH levels?
Do hydrosalpinges need to be removed prior to assisted reproduction treatment?
Do endometriomas need to be removed prior to assisted reproduction treatment?

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