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How long does an IVF treatment last?

The duration varies between 15-30 days, depending on the treatment protocol.

The beginning of the treatment  is based on the period and consist of  the following stages.

How many drugs do I need to take?
Will the child be healthy?
Till which age can we try?
How many years can I keep my embryos cryopreserved? Will they be just as good when thawed?
Is there a way to check embryos for hereditary diseases?
Can we choose the gender of the child?
Do the drugs increase the risk of cancer?
Can I get eggs from another woman if I can not produce by myself?
Can I have a child with IVF, even if I am single?
Up to what age can I freeze eggs?
Do I have to do cesarean section?
Is it possible to identify chromosomal abnormalities in embryos based on their morphological appearance?
Can I have an assisted reproduction treatment cycle without any drugs?
Is there a specific hormone that shows how fertile I am?
How much can stress affect the outcome of a treatment cycle?
Can I get pregnant after the age of 40?
How can I determine my biological age?
Is it possible to treat Severe Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome?
How many assisted reproduction treatment cycles should I have?
Is there unexplained infertility?
Is preimplantation genetic diagnosis possible?
How many embryos should be transferred in order to have high pregnancy rate?
Is there a treatment for women with abnormal hormone levels (high FHS – low AMH)?
Which pregnancy rates should I trust?

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