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Personalization of the treatment is not always provided, and many IVF centers use the same treatment for all couples. Our philosophy in Eugonia is that every couple undergoing IVF is a distinct case, with a specific medical history and cause of infertility. Therefore, the treatment of infertility must not be identical and rigid for everyone.

It is important to design a different treatment for each couple, with flexibility and adjustment during ovarian stimulation, in order to achieve the best result.
It is thus essential to frequently monitor the woman’s cycle with a series of ultrasounds and blood tests. We appreciate that frequent testing might be inconvenient, but it is very helpful in adjusting the protocol selected and determining the right timing for the last injection prior to the oocyte retrieval. These details can make the difference between a successful and a failed attempt.

Dr Lainas is personally involved in assisting all couples who undergo IVF treatment at Eugonia, by tailoring and monitoring the stimulation protocol for each woman with frequent ultrasound scans and blood tests and giving the proper instructions through the midwives via telephone. He is personally carrying out the majority of oocyte retrievals and embryo transfers, ensuring with his experience the best chances for a positive result and avoiding possible complications, for all couples.

This individualized treatment and attention to detail, combined with the deep Knowledge and specialization of our scientific staff, have led Eugonia amongst the top performing clinics not only in Greece, but also internationally.

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