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During your first appointment, you will be welcomed by the coordinator of the unit. The consultation will be conducted in three phases:

A midwife will initially take a detailed record of your medical history.
You will then meet the Medical Director of the Unit, with whom you will have the opportunity to discuss the recommended diagnostic and therapeutic strategy. The doctor will note in your history all necessary tests required and the treatment protocol recommended for you.
Finally, the midwife will explain and provide you with details about when and how the required tests will be conducted. You will also be given prescriptions for any medication necessary, instructions about the treatment protocol, dosage, time and explanation how to take the medication, and also consent forms and instructions about your next appointment with us.

Please note that this first appointment may be long, depending on the information that must be recorded and any queries you might have about the treatment that you wish to discuss with the doctor (usually 1 - 2 hours).

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