Your first visit to Eugonia

At your first appointment, you will be welcomed by the coordinator of the unit (sister or midwife). The consultation/interview will be conducted in three phases:

First, the midwife will take a detailed record of your medical history and information from any previous attempts.

Then, you will meet the Medical Director of the unit, with whom you will discuss extensively the diagnostic and therapeutic strategy recommended.

The Doctor will note in your history sheet all the necessary tests that need to be done, the
treatment protocol, doses of drugs and details about the treatment program you will follow.

In a third phase, the midwife will explain and give you written instructions for any further tests, if necessary, as well as details about when and how these will be conducted. You will also be given the prescriptions for the necessary drugs, instructions about the treatment protocol, dosage, time and manner to take your drugs, and also medical notes, forms and instructions  about your next appointment with us.

You must remember that this first appointment may last a while, depending on the information that need to be recorded and the extent to which you wish to discuss your treatment  with the Doctor (usually 1 - 2 hours).

Finally, you will be given official information brochures and consent forms required by the law, so you have enough time to peruse them.

Consent forms must have been signed and filed in your medical folder before the onset of the treatment.

Eugonia - Assisted Reproduction Unit
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