Other drugs in IVF

During the course of IVF treatment, the following drugs may also be used.


The male partner receives prophylactic administration of antibiotics when the female partner starts her ovulation stimulation and the female partner receives prophylactic administration of antibiotics following egg collection, according to the unit's instructions. Vibramycin is usually the antibiotic used.


In special cases, drugs that contain cortisone may be used (Medrol pills or Dexamethasone). In a recently published study of our unit, that had a very good response in the international scientific press, it was shown that the use of corticosteroids is related with the prevention of ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome (Administration of Methylprednizolone to prevent severe ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome in patients undergoing in vitro fertilization.) T. Lainas et al., Fertil. Steril. 2002;78(3):529-533). See the publication

In every case, special care should be taken and the doctor's instructions should be followed to the letter when starting and especially when stopping cortisone administration, which should be done by gradually reducing the dose, according to a specific time-plan.


In certain cases, for instance when the protocol of preparing the endometrium for embryo transfer without having an egg collection is used, e.g. in the case of a frozen embryo transfer, oestradiol is administered orally (Estopause, Cyclacur; only the white pills in the package contain 17- β oestradiol) or with transdermal patches (Dermestril or Estraderm).

Clomiphene citrate

It is an "older" drug with proven results, that has anti-oestrogen action. This drug is used in certain ovarian stimulation protocols, either on its own, or in combination with gonadotropins. Its anti-oestrogen action "tricks" the pituitary gland into thinking that there is no oestrogen available, which results in an increase in the release of endogenous FSH and development of the follicles.

Clomiphene is available in pills, with the commercial names of Clomiphene citrate, Serpafar and Clomid. If the stimulation is relatively mild, clomiphene is mainly used in ovulation induction or in intra-uterine insemination cycles and also in some other rare assisted reproduction treatments.

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