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Problems associated with infertility can greatly affect the psychological state of those concerned; on top of that, the process of Assisted Reproduction itself can be stressful, as for many couples, it constitutes their “last chance” to have their own biological child. Reproductive issues, such as biochemical pregnancies, early miscarriages, upcoming menopause, sperm-related issues and failed attempts at assisted reproduction, are all factors contributing to an emotional disturbance of the female and male partner, in their own and their families’ relationship.

The emotional state of the couple and its consequences, are often ignored and remain untreated, resulting in the couple feeling isolated, disappointed and distressed, which can have a negative impact on the treatment’s outcome.

The main aim of the counselor is not to simply listen to the problem being described, but to sympathize and participate in resolving the problem, by helping us understand our feelings and explore all possible means to a positive change. The counselor can also assist in other matters, such as the couple’s relationship, their relationship with their family and friends and if the couple are having difficulty dealing with deciding the appropriate treatment or the treatment itself, using a sperm or egg donor and dealing with stress itself.

Types of support that can be offered

Information counseling: to inform the couple of assisted reproduction techniques, so that they are fully aware of the procedure.

Effect counseling: to help the couple appreciate all consequences and the impact that the suggested treatment will have on themselves, their families and the child born as a result of the treatment.

Supportive counseling: to offer the necessary support during a stressful period, such as following an unsuccessful attempt.

Therapeutic counseling: to help the couple deal with the consequences of subfertility and IVF treatment and resolve any associated problems. It may also involve adjusting their expectations and accepting the current situation.

According to ethical regulations of psychology counseling, anything discussed during a session, will remain strictly confidential.

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