Objective selection criteria of an ART Unit

A couple's wish to have a baby is an important prerequisite in order to undergo IVF treatment. However, the wish is not enough. It very important that the couples choose the IVF Unit based on objective quality criteria. Which may these criteria be? The quality characteristics, as well as the criteria the couple use to select an IVF Unit (see diagram), have been published in journals of scientific societies (ESHRE, ASRM), and have been the topic of international congress lectures. According to the scientific team of Eugonia, the selection criteria must include:

Scientific excellence

  • High pregnancy rates
  • High quality and range of services
  • Research activity and published studies in international scientific journals of high impact
  • Continuous update on recent developments and use of modern methods based on the principles of evidence-based medicine
  • Reduction of physical burden by using new protocols of short duration

State of the art infrastructure of staff and equipment

  • Scientific staff with deep knowledge and experience,
  • Embryology laboratory with modern equipment, adherence to strict cleaning procedures, detailed protocols, and certification by a government authority.
  • Creation and constant update of a database
  • Quality management certification ISO 9001

Human-centered approach

  • Individualized treatment
  • Direct communication
  • Friendly and warm approach
  • Psychological support
  • Reduction of stress associated with IVF treatment
  • Rapid review of the patient's history and initiation of a new treatment cycle in case of a negative result

Reduction of the cost of IVF treatment

At Eugonia, our attempt to adhere to all the above criteria reflects our high pregnancy rates.

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