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The ultrasound examination that may be performed vaginally or abdominally is a safe and painless method of examination. The contribution of the ultrasound to the diagnosis of normal and pathological conditions of the genital system is invaluable. We can estimate:

  • The anatomical position, size and texture of the uterus and ovaries
  • The thickness and texture of the endometrium
  • The biological age of the ovaries (ovarian reserve)
  • The presence and size of the follicles or the corpus luteum in the ovary
  • Ovulation
  • The presence of cysts, tumors or lesions in the ovary or uterus
  • The onset of pregnancy. In particular, the number and size of the gestational sac(s), the presence of the fetus, his cardiac functions, etc.
  • Early diagnosis of ectopic pregnancy

Finally, the ultrasound is a very valuable diagnostic tool during pregnancy (nuchal translucency ultrasound, estimation of fetal biophysical parameters, etc.).

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