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Dr Tryfon Lainas
Tryfon G. Lainas MD, PhD
Clinical director of Eugonia IVF Unit

It is our principle that all women have a right to motherhood, if they wish so. Infertility, although more frequently today than in the past, is no longer an unsurpassable obstacle. What is needed is detailed information of the couple, individualized treatment and the use of the latest scientific methods of assisted reproduction technology (ART).

Our Unit is not a mere observer of scientific developments, but is a pioneer in research and contributes actively with the publication, in international journals, of original studies that increase the efficiency and safety of IVF. The results of our studies guarantee top pregnancy rates, which in some cases are similar or even higher than several renowned IVF Units in Europe and USA. Part of our contribution is to inform clinicians but also the general public with the publication of our book, which is the only scientific edition on IVF in Greece today.

It is our choice to develop personal relationships with every couple who seeks our help. We know that psychological support is very important during the fragile situation of waiting for a positive outcome. We do not agree with strong interventions that do not take into account the couple's personal circumstances; on the contrary we take advantage of these circumstances in order to help nature do its work freely.

I often tell my associates that each couple that comes through our doorstep places their hope in our hands. This does not happen very often in every day relationships and is not included in common clinical practice. This is a deeply human moment that does not allow us to operate as "cold" professionals, but gives us the courage to make everything possible to respond to your trust. This is something that you will understand from your first visit in our Unit.

With our website, but also the booklets we attempt to make your choice easier, offering basic knowledge and valid scientific information on matters related directly or indirectly with infertility and ART. So that you are aware of the steps and procedures of IVF, the drugs, the safety of the method for you and your child.

Trifon G Lainas
MD PhD, Reproductive Gynecologist
Director of Assisted Reproduction Unit

Eugonia - Assisted Reproduction Unit
Konstantinou Ventiri 7(HILTON), 11528 Athens

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