Our history

Our history

Eugonia- the evolution of “Iatriki Erevna”- operates for 30 years and has achieved significantly high pregnancy rates, putting it amongst the top performing clinics internationally.

Iatriki Erevna is created with primary goal to offer reliable services in the diagnostic field. The wide spectrum of laboratory and paraclinical tests covers the requirements for the investigation of all infertility cases.
The idea of creating an institute of study and treatment of infertility started to mature.
The first steps begin with the establishment of the Department of Reproductive Biology. The initial pregnancy rates were impressive and comparable to the international average. With continuous development, the center went through two main growth phases.
The Unit of Hysteroscopic-Laparoscopic Surgery was created, aiming to complement the study of infertility causes and to develop the possibility of therapeutic intervention.
Since September 1997, the unit has acquired a new and permanent staff composition with Dr T. G. Lainas as Clinical Director.
The expansion of  the IVF Unit  activities leads to its functional and administrative independency from the Diagnostic Center with the new name Eugonia.
All our activities are ISO 9001-certified, which is the international  recognized standard  for quality control. It provides systematic control of all the services, in order to secure the needs and the requires of  the client.
The Obstetrician Dr. George Lainas becomes member of Eugonia’s family
Eugonia is certified as “Assisted Reproduction Unit  and Cryopreservation Bank” by National Authority of Assisted Reproductive Medicine.
Eugonia is certified based on the EN 15224 standards, verifying the high quality medical services that provides.
Dr. George Lainas is elected as coordinator in the Steering Committees of the largest Special Interest Groups (Reproductive Endocrinology and Embryology) in ESHRE.

Eugonia - Assisted Reproduction Unit
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