Embryo Donation

Embryo donation is indicated for couples with loss of reproductive capacity (usually both the female and the male partner).

The embryos for donation are provided by a couple who have already undergone in vitro fertilization and have usually completed their family planning. These are surplus cryopreserved embryos, which the donor couple prefers to donate rather than destroy. It is a generous and altruistic act. The decision lies with the donor couple. When they decide to donate, they need to jointly sign a special consent form to declare that they waive all rights and that they are donating the embryos anonymously and without financial compensation to unknown recipients.

According to the Greek legislation, donated embryos must come from a woman under 40 and a man under 50 years old.  The couple wishing to receive embryos shall select, in collaboration with the EYGONIA staff, the embryos that match their characteristics as closely as possible. These embryos are thawed and transferred to the woman following the protocol of a standard frozen embryo transfer with or without hormone replacement therapy (ΗRT). From our very first meetings, we provide the recipient couple with the required consent forms, which they must sign before deciding to receive the embryos.


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