This category includes women that show an excessive response to ovarian stimulation drugs which results to an excessive recruitment and multiple follicle development.

The factors that favour excessive ovarian response are polycystic ovaries, young age, reduced body weight (low BMI; body mass index), high gonadotropin doses or progressively increasing dose, aggressive stimulation protocols, excessive ovarian response in a previous IVF treatment cycle, etc.

Hyperesponders have increased chances of developing OHSS (ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome) and possibly the severe form of the syndrome, which is one of the most serious complications of IVF treatment.

The scientific team of Eugonia has shown international innovation and experience in the prevention and management of OHSS with a significant number of studies published in internationally acclaimed scientific journals and lectures of the Head of the Eugonia Unit, Dr T. Lainas.

The publications reflect the knowledge and experience applied in everyday clinical practice.

Prevention of OHSS

The publications related to OHSS prevention are either on corticoids administration (also an older opinion of our Unit), or on the use of antagonist protocols which are thought to be safer for hyperesponders.

Also see: Antagonist protocol.

See our publications:

Live births after management of severe OHSS by GnRH antagonist administration in the luteal phase.

Management of severe OHSS using GnRH antagonist and blastocyst cryopreservation in PCOS patients treated with long protocol.

Management of severe early ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome by re-initiation of GnRH antagonist.

Management of OHSS

The proposal of the scientific team of Eugonia for antagonist administration in the luteal phase for the management of already established severe OHSS is a world's first.

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