Evaluation of ovarian reserve

The term ovarian reserve refers to the reserves of the ovaries in follicle numbers, which is expressed with the ability of the ovaries to recruit follicles when they are stimulated with drugs.

The aim of estimating the ovarian reserve is to calculate in a reliable way the number of follicles and therefore the number or oocytes that remain at a given time in the ovaries of a woman.

The number of oocytes that will be collected depends on the number of the follicles that will develop and is related with the chances of achieving a pregnancy. Therefore, the correct assessment of ovarian reserve offers a reliable and precise prediction of the pregnancy success rates.

At Eugonia, following recent scientific developments, we use ultrasound assessment of the ovaries(follicles  and ovarian volume) using 4D technology. In addition, we measure AMH, FSH and E2, for the exact determination of ovarian reserve and therefore individualized selection of the optimal stimulation protocol.

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