Oocyte donation (information for recipients)


Eugonia IVF has a very successful egg donation program, based on both scientific criteria and strict moral and ethical standards, with total respect for the Greek Legislation. Oocyte donation is recommended in cases where other IVF methods cannot be applied.

Our program is patient-centered, significantly different from mass donation programs offered elsewhere. This is also reflected in Eugonia’s IVF top success rates.

Choosing to receive eggs from donation is a difficult and complicated decision. Our team of fertility specialists here at Eugonia IVF, fully understanding the complexity of this decision, will stand by you at this important moment supporting your choice at every step of the way.

Donation process for recipients

1. Evaluation and consultation

At your first meeting with us, you will be asked about your medical history. Following a full clinical assessment, you will discuss with the Medical Director of the Eugonia IVF about the prospect of the donation, the appropriate therapeutic approach and the most suitable medication protocol. 

You will also be informed about the legislative framework, the preparation involved and the tests required. Finally, you will be given information and detailed instructions for your treatment and for the process as a whole from the fertility midwife in charge of the donation program.

In addition, if you wish, you can request an appointment with our psychologist. Our goal is to help the couple examine and take into account all the possible effects that the proposed treatment may have on them, their family and the child that will be born as a result of this treatment.

2. Cycle of preparation and treatment

To maximize your chances of success, you will undergo specific tests that we will recommend based on your medical history.

It is important to prepare the recipient using appropriate medication so that the endometrium is synchronized with the development of the fertilized eggs and the embryo transfer takes place within the implantation window. The medical treatment aims at creating the ideal environment for embryo implantation. A cycle with hormone replacement therapy (HRT) is an ideal solution. The treatment start is based on your period and includes pills and injections.

3. The laboratory stage

The laboratory stage includes the fertilization of the eggs with the sperm of the male partner, husband or donor and embryo culture in the laboratory for 2-5 days.

The entire process is completed with transferring the embryos into the recipient's uterine cavity. The remaining embryos can be frozen and stored at the Eugonia Cryopreservation Bank for future use by the couple.

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