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Great outcome with 1-2% chance of success with IVF

Claudia from London shares her positive experience with ladies who are on the lookout for solutions for their fertility struggles.

"I am a 40 years old lady, UK resident, diagnosed with very low ovarian reserve and this year I have received the most terrifying news that I am at my end of my reproductive life, being given by an NHS UK Fertility Clinic an horrific prognostic for a pregnancy outcome through IVF of 1%.
Beating the odds and statistics Dr. George Lainas and his team has made it possible.

I am such a very happy lady today! It is a happiness the words cannot describe… I am speechless… Miracles DO happen after all in the hands of FANTASTIC specialists. I could see the heartbeat of my little angel today.

It is an experience that I am longing for in a long while and I was almost made to believe that it cannot happen again.

There are so many things about the way Eugonia is set up that made the whole process very positive overall including the daily appointment, regular face to face meeting with the consultant, practising the embryo transfer/ mock embryo- transfer process prior to treatment (which I came to find out later that not all IVF clinics are offering it, yet it may be the thing that could sometimes make the difference in the IVF outcome), the relaxed environment and the calm and measured staff.

Cumulatively, these features reinforced the feeling of being treated as individual rather than being lumped onto the conveyor belt. Eugonia has made me feel at home, away from home for almost 2 weeks and a half, while the proceedings of the IVF took place. Experience, knowledge, caring, compassion, understanding, empathy, and integrity are surely some values that Eugonia lives by.

I highly recommend Eugonia to all those looking for answers for all the reasons above stated! It is my heartily belief that regardless of the situation you are in Eugonia Team will find the right solution for you. I wish everyone the happiest and healthiest of pregnancies, and a life full of blessings as your family expands. "

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