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Becoming a mother at 45

Marianna (45) and Alexandros (42) visited Eugonia about a year and a half ago to seek infetility treatment, after several unsuccessful attepmts at other IVF Centres.

Women over the age of 40, like Marianna, have low follicle numbers (ovarian reserve) in their ovaries, resulting in the retrieval of few oocytes with compromised quality after hormone stimulation. These women are described as poor responders, they have very low pregnancy rates after IVF using their own eggs, and the realistic option for having a child is usually egg donation.

During their initial consultation with Dr Tryfon Lainas, Director of Eugonia, the couple expressed the wish to undergo a new IVF cycleat Eugonia  using Marianna's eggs, as they did not feel ready to use donor eggs.

At Eugonia, their philosophy is that every woman has the right to motherhood. A detailed and honest consultation by their doctor is essential. Dr Lainas explained that, based on the literarture and the published studies of Eugonia on poor responders, pregnancy rates were very low but still present. The couple understood and accepted the small chances of pregnancy and decided to proceed to modified natural cycle (MNC) -IVF  using Marianna's own eggs. MNC-IVF employs minimal drug doses, with the least possible physical burden for the woman, and may produce an egg(s) of better quality compared to conventional stimulation with high doses. Unfortunately, Marianna did not get pregnant.
Meanwhile, the couple was reconciled with the idea of egg donation. They were registered in Eugonia's egg donation list, and at their next IVF attempt Marriana received 10 donated mature oocytes,  eight of which were successfully fertilized. Two top-quality embryos were transferred, while another five were cryopreserved for future use.

A few days later Marianna had a positive pregnancy test, and her wonderful journey of motherhood begun today with the birth of a healthy little girl!

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