How can I get Pregnant

Increasing your chance of getting pregnant

Your journey to parenthood can be exciting, but also challenging, especially when you find it is not happening as quickly as you were expecting. It is important to know that 85% of couples will conceive within six months of trying to get pregnant.

There are two important factors that can help you improve your chances of getting pregnant naturally:

1.    Calculate your pregnancy window, and have intercourse one or two days before ovulation. Regular intercourse, two to three times a week, will boost your chances further. Everyday intercourse is not necessary.
2.    Improve your health, diet and lifestyle – for both partners.

Healthy lifestyle pre-pregnancy

You both need to think about your lifestyle and health before you start trying for a baby. Here is some important advice:
•    Make sure you follow a healthy diet,
•    Maintain a healthy weight,
•    Stop smoking and using recreational drugs,
•    Only drink alcohol in moderation,
•    Exercise regularly.

Women should also:

•    Take 0.5mg folic acid daily.
•    Visit your gynaecologist for an antenatal screen to ensure optimum pre-pregnancy health. This may include blood tests, including checks for rubella (German measles) and varicella (chicken pox); your blood group, antibodies and Rh factor; hepatitis B and hepatitis C, HIV, syphilis; and a full blood count.
•    Check with your gynaelcologist to ensure you have had a pap smear and breast check with a normal result within the last year.
•    Review current medications and any implications for pregnancy with the specialist doctor that oversees your condition, as well as your gynaecologist.
•    Understand how you menstrual cycle works.

What if you do not manage to get pregnant?

If you still have not fallen pregnant after twelve months, you should seek medical advice from your gynaecologist

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