Success rates in ivf

Success rates in ivf

Consistently been ranked top or is among the top ranking worldwidely!

Eugonia's Medically Assisted Reproduction Unit consistently ranks among the best globally for helping people achieve successful pregnancies through assisted reproduction techniques. Our success rates, denoting the proportion of outcomes per embryo transfer, are among the highest worldwide.

What makes us stand out is our deep understanding of reproductive science, personalized treatment plans for each patient, and use of the latest methods in infertility treatment. We're transparent about our process – we don't pick and choose patients based on factors like how long they've been trying to conceive or the method used for fertilization.

To help people make informed choices, we share our success rates in three key areas: live births, clinical pregnancies, and positive pregnancy tests. By comparing our rates with others globally, people can see why Eugonia is a top choice for reproductive assistance.

See and compare our rates with the corresponding international ones. Comparison is the best indicator of unit selection.

We list the success rates of Eugonia in 3 tables:






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