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Dr George Lainas as a member of ESHRE guidance groups

Dr. G.Lainas has an active part in ESHRE, as he is a member in two guidance groups: a) GDG on Ovarian Stimulation in IVF/ICSI and b) ART Clinical Performance Indicators.

The first one is in charge of the guideline development group of ovarian stimulation. This group consists of 15 members and all of them are researchers with a range of scientific work, professors in major European universities and world-class figures in IVF and reproductive endocrinology.

The first group is working on an international guideline, which is expected to be completed within the year, which will be a point of reference for every Assisted Reproduction Unit and every IVF specialist worldwide. The guideline, which adheres to the principle of evidence based medicine, will assure infertile couples that the optimal method of ovarian stimulation has been followed, based on the most resent information from international studies. The guideline aims to provide both physicians and embryologists with useful evidence-based information regarding the various protocols of ovarian stimulation, including ovarian response, expected live birth rates, safety and personalized treatment.

The second working group “ART Clinical Performance Indicators KPIs” is focused on developing clinical “Key Performance Indicators” for Assisted Reproduction. In order to develop a standard clinical practice, appropriate KPIs are required in order to monitor the effect of various methods on patient care. The Special Interest Group for Reproductive Endocrinology, with the participation of Dr Lainas, organized during the 2018 ESHRE annual conference, a meeting of specialists and experts in the development of KPIs for ART in order to reach a consensus which can be publish and adopted by ESHRE member. The results of this meeting now need to be codified and are expected to be useful for the everyday practice of every IVF unit worldwide that respects its patients it cares for and cares for self-betterment.

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