Terms of donation

According to Greek legislation, an oocyte/embryo donation program must operate under specific terms:

  • Protection of recipient health: All donors must undergo a series of clinical and laboratory tests, especially for transmitted diseases like AIDS, hepatitis, VDRL etc. All couples undergoing IVF at Eugonia undergo these preliminary tests before commencing treatment.
  • Anonymity of donation: It is mandatory to preserve the anonymity of donors and recipients of donated oocytes and embryos. Information about donors and recipients is kept in a classified file in a coded form at our Unit. This information will not be provided to either parties nor a third party, unless demanded by the Legal Authorities. Also none of the parties will be informed about the other's IVF outcome.
  • Age: The age of the oocyte donor must not exceed 35 years. The age of the embryo donor must not exceed 40 years.
  • It is forbidden to perform oocyte or embryo donation under any form of financial transaction.
  • Consent of donors and recipients: In our Unit it is mandatory policy to ask for written and signed consent of both donors and recipients of genetic material. These documents are kept in a classified file.
  • According to the Greek legislation (Ν. 4737/2020 (ΦΕΚ Α’ 204/22-10-2020) cryopreserved embryos can remain in storage for up to 5 years. The duration of cryopreservation can be extended for a maximum period of twenty (20) years with a written request of the couple every five (5) years.

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