The ISO Certification

Eugonia is one the very few IVF units that has obtained the ISO certification 9001:2008 for In Vitro Fertilization services given by the public sector NATIONAL EVALUATION CENTER OF QUALITY & TECHNOLOGY IN HEALTH S.A.

The National Evaluation Center of Quality & Technology in health S.A is the organization for the quality systems certification according to the standard EN 45012, and at the same time, it is the Greek official organization for the medical equipment in Europe. It is a supervised/controlled organization by the Department of Health and Social solidarity.

Certification (for the quality, control of laboratory trials and measurements) is the process of the formal recognition by the relevant competent body that a legal person performs his tasks impartially and with documented adequacy.

The ISO certification 9001:2008 has been obtained after a detailed review/inspection of the Quality System in our unit on January 2010. The obtaining of ISO expresses/proves the constant quality control in all levels of Eugonia’s departments (clinical, laboratory, administrative) leading to higher success rates and patients satisfaction.