Dynamic presence of Eugonia in 3 big international conferences in 2014

The scientific team of Eugonia actively participated in 3 big international conferences within 2014, with 4 original studies of high impact.

They are some of the largest and most important conferences worldwide in Reproductive Medicine  and Endoscopy, during which the latest achievements of the international scientific community are presented.

Munich, July 2014: Oral presentation at the ESHRE (European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology) Annual Meeting.

  • A new single medium for embryo culture is associated with improved blastocyst development and quality.

Brussels, September 2014: Oral presentation at the ESGE (European Society of Gynecological Endoscopy) Annual Meeting.

  • Higher implantation and pregnancy rates, and fewer miscarriages in women without hysteroscopic findings, suggesting that hysteroscopy prior to IVF treatment may improve pregnancy rates.

Hawaii, October 2014: 2 poster presentations at the ASRM (American Society of Reproductive Medicine) Annual Meeting.

  • The levels of endogenous progesterone are related with subsequent pregnancy rates following IVF treatment. These are 2 large studies with more than 3000 patients, based on Eugonia’s extensive and detailed database, which can only be compared to databases of large international centers.

It is important to highlight that all studies submitted at the above conferences are assessed anonymously by 3-4 international reviewers, in order to identify the best ones. As a result, only studies of high impact and originality are accepted. Ιt is an official recognition of our team’s research activity, in our continuous effort to increase pregnancy rates.

The continuous and constantly increasing research output at Eugonia demonstrates our constant effort for scientific update and improvement.

The benefits of the findings of our recent studies are quickly transferred to our patients, who can take advantage of new methods and treatments, finally increasing their chance of a successful pregnancy.