Transplantation of ovarian tissue

A piece of frozen ovarian tissue can be transplanted in the body of the woman from whom it was taken (autografting) after total treatment from a malignant condition.

When the location of transplantation is the anatomic location of the ovary the transplantation is termed orthotopic. If the tissue is replaced in a different part of the body the transplantation is termed heterotopic. In heterotopic transplantation the ovarian tissue can be grafted in a more convenient anatomic position (e.g. under the skin) which facilitates oocyte recovery from follicles developing under drug stimulation.

Experimental data have shown restoration of ovarian function for a limited period. Researchers investigate the factors that are responsible for the re-establishment of the function of the transplanted ovarian tissue and the restoration of the woman’s reproductive ability. Autologous and heterologous transplantation is only recommended in special cases after the approval of specialized scientists.