Our contribution

In IVF, in infertility treatment, and in medicine in general, the aim is to provide services of high scientific standards, which reflect the modern international developments. The application of modern technology is associated with high pregnancy rates, while it is also important to focus on individualized treatment and patient-focused approach.

At Eugonia we operate along these lines, adapting our philosophy and practice on Evidence Based Medicine, similarly to the best scientists internationally. The principles of this approach include accurate diagnosis and individualized treatment, based on the constantly accumulated knowledge and experience of the clinician, the application of recent developments, the publication of Unit's results in international journals, and the comparison of the our success rates to international results.

Eugonia is probably the only private IVF Unit with an active research programme and a series of publications in international scientific journals. Our published papers –two of which are the largest studies to date in the international literature- include the improvement of ovarian stimulation protocols and offer higher pregnancy rates and treatment of complications such as ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome (OHSS).

Also, the results of our studies show higher pregnancy rates in normal responding patients using a flexible antagonist protocol. At the same time, they offer us the possibility of individualized treatment in special subgroups of infertile women, such as poor responders and women with PCOS.